29 August 2011

What a fantastic year it's been!

Tchüss Zürich . . . auf Wiedersehen!

Final pictures around the apartment

Last day of school

School runs late in Zürich. Zoë and Annie's last day was the 15th of July.

Donnerstag ist Döner Tag!

These last few weeks we've been trying to get our fill of Döner Kebab, one of our favorite street foods!

23 August 2011

Tram announcement--our stop

Paddle boating on the Zürisee

We rented a paddle boat with a slide and tooled around and swam in the lake.

22 August 2011

Some familiar faces

Videos from the Tier Fest

Das Fest der Tiere (Festival of the Animals)

Zoë and Annie's class did a special performance at the end of the school year, with animal presentations and art, stories, and songs about animals.

A visit from some good friends

The Hills are alive with the sound... We recently had a visit from some good friends from home.