30 January 2011

A trip to the opera

We saw the Magic Flute today at the Zürich Opera House.

And after the performance, we even got to say hello to Papagena.

Zoological museum

Long distance bulletin board

We just sent off fixings for a bulletin board for our elementary school back home....

Side trip to Liechtenstein

Wandern: Brand (Austria)

A visit from Aunt Carri

Sunset over the city

Even Legs thought it was worth checking out this sunset up close:

Ski trip: Flumserberg again

It was almost 50 degrees Fahrenheit when we went skiing again--still enough snow in the mountains though....

Signs of spring

12 January 2011


Small world

We finally got to the fantastic Picasso exhibit at the Kunsthaus in Zurich.

Outside the museum on our way home, we were surprised to see an old friend:
Seven copies of this statue, called Song of the Vowels, were made by sculptor Jacques Lipchitz. One of them is outside the Kunsthaus here and one is between Olin and Uris Libraries at Cornell. Heidi walks by it every time she goes in to work at EPOCH.

Ski trip: Flumserberg


Ice skating with friends

Over Christmas Break we took a trip with our friends Zoë B. and Felix and their mom, Kathy, to the Dolder ice rink, which sits on a hill above the city. It's said to be the largest open-air ice rink in Europe.