23 March 2011

Maus und Igel (part three)

Maus und Igel (part two)

Maus und Igel (part one)

This is a story Zoë wrote at school:

Ferris wheel at Burkliplatz

A giant ferris wheel showed up at Burkliplatz. It will be there for one month, but it was a beautiful day and so we decided it was time to test it out.

Rhubarb time!

When we saw the fresh rhubarb in the store we decided we had to make a Rhabarberwähe (a tart with rhubarb and a custard-like filling.

Capture the flag with Maria

Signs of spring in the grocery store

19 March 2011

Zürich Fasnacht

Zürich had its own Fasnacht celebration last weekend. Here are some pictures from the parade.

Signs of spring

We were so excited to find that one of our favorite things here is back in stock at the grocery store:

Luzern Fasnacht parade video