25 April 2011

Animal sillies

The Wedding

There has been much anticipation about the wedding....

Everyone around here has been talking about it.

Finally the day came! Kitty Cat and the Stoat got married!

The groom:

The bride (dress designed and sewn by Annie):

There were so many guests! I think all the animals in the apartment came!

Steve did the officiating.

The rings:

The married couple!

Beading lizards

Zoë and Annie's Handarbeit teacher gave the girls instructions for how to make beaded lizards and we've all been having fun with that.

New tradition?

We don't have so much time left here, but we're thinking about starting a new tradition of weekly dinner cookouts on Zuriberg. Such fun!

Happy Birthday, Annie

Annie recently had her seventh birthday party! She invited some friends from school over and celebrated with cake and a piñata. The kids also made little wooden mosaic boxes (yes, Laurie, we even used mortar!).


Last weekend we walked to the Iris Garden on the opposite side of the city. Only a few species of irises were blooming, but there were lots of other things to admire--cherry trees, tulips, wisteria.... We had a great time doing some sketching and just enjoying the beautiful spring day.

Hard at work

Zoë's been busy lately working on a novel and also designing and writing a math workbook.

Spring bird

Ben and Jerry's

Ice cream is really popular here. Really popular and really good. And really expensive.

When we first came here our local grocery store announced they would soon be selling their own cheaper version of Ben and Jerry's ice cream called "Jane and Mary's." The next thing we heard about this was a lawsuit and a change of plans.

We had to laugh recently when we saw an ad in the paper for their new ice cream, now called "Mary Jane's."

15 April 2011

Coming soon

The Böögg!

We love the Böögg!

We love that they have Böögg cakes here, too!

This year the Böögg burnt so fast that by the time we got through the crowds he was just a big bonfire, though we did hear the fireworks embedded in his head going off. I think it's going to be a great summer!

Here is a photo from the local paper (and here's the link where you can see him in action):