31 October 2010


It's not easy to find pumpkins here, but we did.

We carved with our American friends from school.

We also made some ghosts with our Austrian neighbors.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Autumn in Zurich

We hiked up to Zurichberg to collect some fall color.

It was such a clear day you could see the alps in the distance.

We made a garland to decorate our stairway.

International Youth Library

We went to the International Youth Library in Munich to see a special exhibit on Shaun Tan. The library is in an old castle. The exhibit featured a lot of Tan's work, including early drawings and sketches for his books.

Munich street concert

Munich botanical garden

Munich viktualien market

More Munich sights

Reise: Munich

A colorful chapter


A big nose

One day a giant nose appeared in the Hauptbahnhof. We think it was there to promote a Kleenex contest.

20 October 2010

Train car with compartments

For the first time in all of our train journeys we had a train with separate compartments. The car had an outside aisle and then sets of seats for six, each behind glass doors.

Reise: Innsbruck

Before leaving Austria, we stopped off in Innsbruck. We walked through the old town, bought some stuff for lunch, and rode the very cool funicular part of the way up the mountain for a short hike and a picnic.