02 September 2010

Zoë is 9!

For Zoë's birthday celebration, we lit a "tischbombe" -- literally a "table bomb." It's a cardboard rocket like thing that you light, with a match! None of us knew what to expect and we were kind of worried we might shoot a hole through the apartment ceiling. It smoked for awhile and then the top blew off and small toys and party favors flew everywhere!


  1. Wow, that's some special B-D!!! I'm not sure we are allowed to have "tischbombes" on this side of the Atlantic!

  2. Happy birthday!! How neat to get to celebrate in a new, amazing place!!

  3. Tischbombes sound like they'd be a hit over here. Of course, getting them here might be a bit of a challenge. And I have to ask...Did Heidi make the cake and did she run out of the room for the tischbombe?