05 August 2010


Last Sunday we hiked up Uetliberg, which is a hill that overlooks the city. It was beautiful. When we got off at the train station we found this very cool slide made out of rollers. We'd never seen anything like it before:

Then we hiked up a viewing tower, which gives an amazing view of the city:

Here you can see the viewing tower from later on in our hike. There's a giant radio tower next to it. We have a perfect view of these towers from our apartment, so it was fun to see them close up!


  1. Wow, we haven't seen anything like it either, and it looks like a ton of fun. When you have a chance, would you send us a copy (via email) of that picture with you, Annie & your Mom & Dad? It's a great photo of you guys!

  2. Okay. That is way cool. Did your dad intend to go down backward or was that a mistake?