12 August 2010

end of the Ämpächli hike

The end of our hike took us along a "Tierli" trail. The "little animals" were carved out of wood.

And then of course there was a playground with an amazing swing at the very end of the trail.


  1. Hey Zoe and Annie,
    How do you say fabulous in German?
    Never mind that,but I really do think that you're photos and of course the video were really good! During that video what was that ringing noise? was it the wind whistling through the trees? Or was it the COW BELLS ringing in the wind? But I guess this is goodbye for now. From your #1 Zlog fan...ZOE HILL!

  2. WOW!!!! That swing is SOO COOOOL!!!!! And the mountains are beautiful!! What a great adventure!